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With great pleasure we announce the winners of the
"A FI Good neighbor" community fund!

"AFFInities for a united community" ("AFInități pentru o comunitate unită"), the project submitted by Parada Foundation, and "Day of the neighbors at the little tables of knowledge" ("Ziua vecinilor la măsuțele Cunoașterii"), submitted by the initiative group 4 KIDS, are the two winning projects who will receive a total funding of over RON 70,000 for the implementation of their project ideas.

Through "AFFInities for a united community", Parada Foundation aims to bring together the residents of Carol Park area and the vicinity around several activities whose goal is to stimulate the development of harmonious relationships between individuals from different social classes, by creating communication bridges through art. With Parada Circus, a social circus whose artists are exclusively street children or youngsters, the public space will be animated through circus shows and juggling workshops. At the same time, in order to increase their integration, but also to create empathy and understanding from the local community, discussions will be organized between the artists and the spectators on issues of public perception on street life, misconceptions and equality.

The "Day of the neighbors at the little tables of knowledge" project was submitted by the initiative group 4 KIDS, formed by three neighbors from the same block, determined by a sole will: to do something good in the community where they live. The winning idea is the organization of The Neighbors Day, a day of celebration for the community near Filaret Park and vicinity, that will take place on the last Saturday of May. This day aims to become a tradition, embraced by many other neighborhoods in the city. In order to stimulate and support the community life, the project also aims to organize monthly reunions of the neighbors, especially parents with children, around "The little tables of knowledge", which include four educational tables on different topics, placed near playgrounds. The little tables will target children aged 4 to 9 years old and are destined to stimulate learning and knowledge through play.

Congratulations to everyone who submitted their projects, together we can bring back the community spirit into the city!

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Be proud of your neighborhood

This is what we want through our "AFI – Be a Good Neighbor" program, which emerged from the desire to revitalize the urban area and the spirit of community where we are present. Community life must be a concern for any company. This is our vision and over time we have demonstrated that our role goes beyond business boundaries and we have tried to be as close as possible to the people in the communities where we chose to develop our projects.

Through AFI Tech Park, our newest business campus, we wanted to bring the business area closer to the community and meet the growing demands of company employees: a high level of workspace quality and a shorter time spent in traffic on the way to the office.

"A FI good neighbor" is among the initiatives for community change that have been recognized within the CSR Awards Gala 2018.

Diploma CSR Awards Romania Acasa


Through the "AFI – Be a Good Neighbor" program, we want the citizens of Bucharest to rediscover the neighborhood and the area where they live and enjoy everything they can offer. Together with the Bucharest Community Foundation, we encourage NGOs and initiative groups to include projects that can lead to the development of community spirit and urban revitalization in the areas of our AFI Tech Park project: 13 Septembrie, Tudor Vladimirescu, Uranus, Rahova, Ferentari neighborhoods and the vicinity of Carol Park.

The projects will be financed with the total amount of 70,000 lei, which will be split between 1 and 3 projects, depending on the budgets requested by the winners.



We are looking for initiatives and projects to be carried out in the urban areas of 13 Septembrie, Tudor Vladimirescu, Uranus, Rahova, Ferentari neighborhoods and the vicinity of Carol Park.

We are looking for those initiatives that:

  • help places in the area to look better, be more functional and more friendly to the communities that live there;
  • stimulate and support the social life of the area in an inclusive way;
  • aim at animating public space and bringing the people together in neighborhoods and contributing to strengthening community and neighborhood identity;
  • address issues of better quality of life in the neighborhood and involve as many members of the community as possible;
  • can be put into practice and respond to a need for the site and the surrounding community, but they also take into account the environmental and social impact they have.

We particularly encourage project ideas that involve disadvantaged or marginalized groups.



  • Non-governmental organizations or initiative groups, not politically affiliated. Initiative groups are groups of at least three people who are not legally constituted but who share a vision and project and undertake full implementation of the project;
  • The same organization / initiative group can apply with a maximum of 3 project ideas, but in this case, only one idea can be selected for the second phase of the program.

Employees of AFI Europe Romania or affiliated organizations, or other first and second degree members of their families (children, parents, siblings, spouse of employees of AFI Romania), are not eligible.


  1. 1Enroll the project idea by filling-in a predefined online form, made available by the Financier. You can check the application form by downloading it from here. Instructions for filling in the online application form can be downloaded here.
  2. 2Preselection of project ideas according to the eligibility criteria, developed by the Bucharest Community Foundation.
  3. 3Selection of project ideas by an independent jury, consisting of people with experience in areas related to social and civic involvement and urban regeneration. The members of the jury are elected from non-governmental organizations and multinational companies, but also from within the financing company. Through their impartiality, diverse experience in areas related to the launched call, they can ensure a selection process connected to the reality of the local community in the geographical area concerned.
  4. 4The selected project ideas will be invited to submit the full version of the projects. Applicants will have time to fully complete and send the activity plan and budget - a predefined online form made available by the Funder.
  5. 5The selection of the submitted projects will be carried out by the same independent jury. In addition to online assessment, we will organize interviews with applicants to advocate for their projects before the jury. The implementation period of the funded projects is 9 months.



In the selection of project proposals, the following aspects will be considered:

  • Accordance to the fund objectives
  • Active involvement of the community
  • The capacity to implement and carry out the project
  • The realistic budget structure
  • Impact in the community
  • Visibility and quality of project results
  • Sustainability of the project
  • Sensitivity to environmental and social impacts


November 8 – December 10, 2017

online submission of project ideas

December 11 – January 15, 2018

selection of projects

January 16, 2018

announcement of selected ideas and request for the organizations/groups to submit the full projects

January 17 – February 22, 2018

Submission of full projects

February 23 – March 9, 2018

judging of projects and possible interviews with the applicants

March – November, 2018

projects implementation


Oana Preda

CEO of Ce-Re - Resource Center for Public Participation

xOana has been working in the non-governmental sector since 1996, and has been involved in training and consultancy programs for nonprofit organizations and public administration over the past 10 years, on topics such as advocacy, public participation, drafting funding proposals, project management, community development. Prior to setting up CE-Re in 2006, Oana started her nonprofit business at the Pro-Democracy Association, then worked at the National Democratic Institute. In addition to CeRe, Oana works as a trainer and consultant for other organizations and has experience in designing and managing projects and programs, particularly in the field of public participation and community development, as well as in initiating, coordinating and monitoring advocacy campaigns for local and national NGOs.

urban planner, specializing in urban planning and regeneration, MKBT:Make Better

xAna-Maria is passionate about participatory processes of urban planning and is looking to bring people all the time in the middle of any discussion or action related to the city. During the last 4 years she has worked in various research, activation and urban planning projects involving the community in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Sweden. She participated in actions of community activation in the public space, in conducting substantiation studies for the elaboration of urban planning documents, as well as in conceiving and supporting urban education workshops. Currently, she seeks to build links between strategic thinking of the city and community-led local actions.

PhD in Anthropology, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Political Sciences, SNSPA

xAndrei lives in one of the neighborhoods of interest of the fund and his interests are related to the area of medical anthropology, body and sports, but he has experience in researching the processes of marginalization of members of poor communities and of leisure practices for the inhabitants of Bucharest. He was part of the research team that produced the Bucharest: Pulse of the Community report and participated in the coordination of interdisciplinary teams of students from architecture and anthropology who worked together to find the needs of the local community and design interventions in the public space that meet these needs within the City School project.
Catalin Iorgulescu

Catalin Iorgulescu
Vice-President, PR & Government Relations, ABSL

xCatalin has been present in the ABSL Board during the last 4 years and actively supported its development from the start to the present level by initiating and deploying the PR strategy aimed at increasing the Brand awareness and recognition of ABSL as the most prominent voice of the Industry. During this time, he also acted as an ambassador of ABSL by bringing new members, representing ABSL in various meetings with potential investors and State Authorities, and helping organize major ABSL events. His keen business acumen, networking abilities and capacity to communicate effectively with policy makers, media and other stakeholders in an influential and compelling manner will allow him to make an impact in the future of the Association. Over the last 20 years he acted as General Manager for Samsung SSCE, Managing Director of WNS Romania, CEO for Craft Worldwide Romania and held top management positions within McCann Erickson Group and Deloitte. Catalin is a Fellow ACCA member and holds an ISACA Certification as Information Systems Auditor since 2002 and respectively 2003.

Business Development Manager, AFI Europe Romania

xTal has been AFI Europe Romania's Development Manager since 2007. His over 20 years of management experience gained in multinational companies in Europe and the United States have contributed significantly to the development of the company locally. Tal holds a degree in Economics and Financial Economics from Fairleigh Dickinson University in the U.S.A.


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